You are your greatest enemy…

Over the last 15 years I encountered a lot of agents. I have met struggling agents and I have met major rock stars. I love to talk with all of them and get into their heads. I have also talked to founders of companies and people who have had great ideas but never brought them to market. There are a couple of things that I noticed in successful people compared to those struggling.

First let me say this. There was a particular playoff game where Michael Jordan had the flu. He played the entire game and only took breaks to get water or Gatorade. He managed to put up 38 points…. Why, he knew that if he did not execute there would not be another playoff game. He overcame the adversity of being sick, where most would lay in bed and he executed like one of the greatest to ever play the game.

So what is the difference?

I worked side by side with one of my best friends for over 12 years. I watched him plateau at 8 million in production to flourish to over 20 million a few short years later.


I also helped coach an agent, another one of my very best friends started in the business in 2014 and first year was 3.2 million (not bad for a rookie) to being on track in 2016 to break 10 million and possibly hit 12 million.


It is simple folks… Their “Why” outweighs the Pain to get there? They are champions and champions do the required activities day in and day out, over and over until they receive the results they want. Sure they had goals but goals are not good enough, they had a driven “Why”, a Purpose and a person with Purpose is so driven that they become unstoppable. Just like MJ, the pain of playing with the flu was not as painful as being knocked out of the playoffs.

I firmly believe that anyone can do anything they want, so long as they have a “Why” for doing it. When you have a “Why” and a Purpose and you are 100% committed to it, you will achieve what ever you desire. Part of the problem is some people will say they have a “Why”, but they are not willing to sacrifice, not willing to feel the pain to get there. Do you think you can just strap on some Nike’s and play basketball like a pro? Pick up a football and be Tom Brady? No… You need to practice every day…You need to live and breathe it every single moment of the day.

Do you smoke? Then Quit…Drink to much? Stop. Need to lose weight? Then do it and do it now! Are you broke and need money? Then pick up the phone and find clients. The problem is most people do not like to do the activities but want the result. If you want to make $250,000 in GCI then do it! But do you think you can do it without making contact to people? Calls, Notecards, Networking are required to reach those results.

I do not care about your excuses… If you think I have not faced adversity you are sadly mistaken. I built a real estate business and I was not from the area I serviced. I lost a parent, I have been divorced, I have lost friends to cancer, I have made millions and lost millions in the crash of 2006 then had to grind again and made it back to the top. So save your excuses. You can have Excuses or Results. What holds you back???? It is usually 1 of 2 things. Fear or Self Doubt.

If it is self doubt then you need to start believing in yourself. Set smaller goals and when you achieve them you are one notch up the ladder. You may need to get counseling, I still go twice a month, it is actually enlightening to have an advisor who helps me understand me.  Mental and Emotional health is such an important part of success.

If it is fear, then you need to use fear as a fuel. Do you think I had any fear at all when I transitioned from being a full time realtor to a CEO of a boot strap company that took every penny I had for 3 years. Going to franchises, agents, offices to get them to believe in More GCI. I was fearful of putting myself out there, but I was more fearful that my children would see me quit. That disappointment drove me to never give in.

Sometimes there are outside forces that control us. Things like a toxic relationship, negative friends, people who are more concerned with drinking then achieving something great. You need to cut all the crap from your life that is connected to Fear… Fear of being alone, no friends, fear of failure etc. I will tell you this right now. When I let go of my toxic relationship, when I cut negative friends from my life, when I started to believe in myself I accomplished more in 2 months than I did in 12 months. I surround myself with a small group of real friends who are successful, motivational and supportive. Get rid of haters! You will be fine and you will flourish.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you will succeed. Are you willing to risk absolute failure for absolute success?

We can help organize and understand your business and hit your goals. If you want to be successful, what are you willing to give up right now? We have helped agents double and triple there income. Are you ready to flourish?

Always remember the words by Emmitt Smith… I may win and I may lose but I will never be defeated.

Watch this video my Eric Thomas… Powerful stuff



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