The Journey

This MoreGCI article is inspired by our own story…

For the past several weeks our founder has been working on outlining a book that he will release at some point in the future. That book discusses his Journey about More GCI from idea to fruition. We thought it was only fitting to share the cliff notes version of evolution of More GCI with our users and followers.

Twelve years ago, a spreadsheet was created to use for himself and shared with a few other agents in their REMAX office. It was actually still in use in 2013. From there we put together a large collaboration group in a top ranked KW market center. From that collaboration group many ideas were discovered with what the agents would want in a goal tracking system.

We took those ideas to our co-founder who was involved in the product strategy & development world. He put a team together and they started to work on the More GCI Portal. After about a year of research, design, development and testing, we release Beta V1 to the collaboration group. It was well received and our first group of users were off and running.

We took all the ideas and feedback from that beta group and made a ton of changes. We then opened it up to several other offices for an expanded Beta test. Everyone who used it liked it and spoke favorable about it. Over the next year we worked with the users to perfect the system. But a funny thing happened, the original Beta group was doubling and tripling their production. But why?

There are a couple reasons.

1. The system focuses on knowing your numbers and by knowing your numbers you work smarter not harder.

2. The system follows the ideology that the Money is in the Follow Up and the Hitlist was making agents follow up with their leads.

3. It is easy to use

4. When you see your goals coming to life, it motivates you.

Since our launch, we have grown to franchises and independents across the country & internationally. We have individuals and offices signed up for MoreGCI and they are making gains. It is the perfect tool for new agents and agents seeking growth.

Since our launch, we have been across the country training and group coaching. The agents in our groups are seeing massive gains in their business because we focus on the numbers and the cutting edge methodology to increase business.

That is our story but it is not over yet. We still have mountains to climb and we collaborate every day to improve, so you can improve.

Our vision is bold and yours should be too!

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