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The Journey

This MoreGCI article is inspired by our own story… For the past several weeks our founder has been working on outlining a book that he will release at some point in the future. That book discusses his Journey about More GCI from idea to fruition. We thought it was only fitting to share the cliff notes […]

When you know Why…Clarity is Growth

Often times I am asked the question, How do I grow? Really, it is to complex of a question to answer fully but there is one exception. No matter how you want to grow you must understand that Clarity is Growth. To delve further in that statement, I mean you must have a clear idea […]

How to Grow

I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of people throughout the country. Some are huge names in the business, other are green. Some run franchises, some run coaching firms. There is one thing that I have notice, the difference between the ones who have made it and those that struggle. Often times this is […]

Chase Your Dreams

  I understand that this is a typical cliché but you need to hear me out. Why? Because I am actually chasing my dream…. Are you? It does not matter what your dream is, it is yours. But are you doing everything possible to chase and catch it? If you want to make $500,000 in […]

The ABC’s of Real Estate

Most people see the title and assume I mean Always Be Closing, but I am not. Really simple, the ABC’s of Real Estate…. Always Be Calling. This is so important and often overlooked. Maybe not overlooked but ignored by some. But this is the very back bone of your business. There are many ways to […]

You Need a GPS

First let’s start off with a few questions. If you are in New York City and you need to drive to San Francisco, How are you going to get there? What tools will you utilize to ensure the trip is successful? How will you track your progress? Running your business needs to be looked at […]

How to Lose a $1 Million in Real Estate

Did that title grab your attention a little? All too often we concerned with how to make a million in real estate that we need to investigate the polar opposite of the equation. Really, everything has 2 sides to it, the positive and negative. So on the positive side we have Making a million so […]

Power Circle – Networking to grow your business

One of the corner stones of my business has always been networking. I talk to lots of people who do BNI and they have had great results. This is important but it is also important to create your own power house – power circle. What is a power circle? For those on the More GCI […]

You are your greatest enemy…

Over the last 15 years I encountered a lot of agents. I have met struggling agents and I have met major rock stars. I love to talk with all of them and get into their heads. I have also talked to founders of companies and people who have had great ideas but never brought them […]

More GCI Makes “App of the Month”

Are you looking to take control and grow your business? In this installment of App of the Month, we’re highlighting an internet based platform, More GCI, that will help take your profitability to the next level. More GCI is a simple and powerful service designed to keep you focused and on track in order to hold yourself […]

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