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The Journey

This MoreGCI article is inspired by our own story… For the past several weeks our founder has been working on outlining a book that he will release at some point in the future. That book discusses his Journey about More GCI from idea to fruition. We thought it was only fitting to share the cliff notes […]

Being Productive vs Being Busy

Being Productive vs Being Busy Over the last 15 years I cannot tell you how many times I have come in to the office to see busy agents, running around, frantic, gotta get it down. But when you look at their numbers, they barely sell anything. Bbbbuuuuttt…. Their busy… So how can it be? It […]

Fear as Fuel – Are you being held back by fear?

Are you being held back by fear? It is no secret that many of us are held back by fear. It does not matter whether going to campus as a freshman, 1st day on your first real job, listing appointments, growing a team or business. We all experience fear. Successful people will use fear as […]

Focus is the KEY – Don’t get dragged down!

Don’t get dragged down! It is very easy to get dragged down in to the drama or negative world of other people. Many times the people we are around the majority of the time are family, friends, partners and lovers. It is important not to allow the negative from their world subdue you. As we […]

Top 10 Habits of Top Producers

Recently we reviewed an article from Breakthrough Broker which stated the top 10 habits of Top Producers. While we agree with everything they said, there is 1 habit that was not there and we believe it is the most important one. Below their list, but we added #11 and 12 and we feel they are […]

Understanding Your Numbers

What does it take to be successful? Well, understanding your numbers is a crucial part. When you have a clear path to understanding what it takes to reach your goals and you are able to track the progress you stand a better chance of attaining those goals. Now do not get me wrong, More GCI […]

What is UPAD?

Master this for success One of the concepts that we came up with and have trained around the country is the UPAD Principals. So what is UPAD? U – Understanding P – Planning A – Action D – Discipline When we look at the 3 levels of business taught in the Michael Gerbers E-Myth series, […]

60 days to Success – How to Double Your Production

Well, here we are… At the time of writing this it’s August 2nd. I was initially going to start writing that we only have about 60 days to turn up the heat in order to survive the winter, but then it dawned on me….some places are getting ready for their busy season. So we are […]