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The Journey

This MoreGCI article is inspired by our own story… For the past several weeks our founder has been working on outlining a book that he will release at some point in the future. That book discusses his Journey about More GCI from idea to fruition. We thought it was only fitting to share the cliff notes […]

How to Lose a $1 Million in Real Estate

Did that title grab your attention a little? All too often we concerned with how to make a million in real estate that we need to investigate the polar opposite of the equation. Really, everything has 2 sides to it, the positive and negative. So on the positive side we have Making a million so […]

Do you need a Mercedes or BMW to sell Real Estate?

The other day I saw a post in one of the FB groups where a person asked “Do I need a nice car to be successful in real estate”. To see all the responses was pretty entertaining. Everything from: “Yes it does”, “It is the final accessory”, “Depends on market”, “No it does not”, “It is […]

Reputation is Everything in Business

Our reputation is everything in business. What do you want to be known for? I have worked with a ton of agents and some specialize in higher end homes. Some specialize in condos and some in new construction. Other agents dabble in all of it.   What I can say is the agents who I […]

Stay Focused and Increase Productivity

It seems that when we are selling real estate there are always a million things going on and that the to-do list never ends. Our days are filled with stress because there is no 9-5. There are so many things that need to be accomplished and when those things are done, we need to repeat. […]