Self Awareness

This is such a deep concept. It is not so much about looking good, working out, and speaking properly. It is so much deeper than that. It is also something that cannot truly be taught but rather learned by yourself.


Basically you must learn about yourself and find out what you are good at and what you are bad at. Then you accept the things you are bad at and focus on the things you are good at. Many people say that I want to be like So and So…. When really they just need to be themselves.


You may be in real estate and struggling. You may be amazing with buyers or transactions. It may make sense to be part of a team, and because of the positive synergy, you may be more fulfilled being part of something bigger versus struggling trying to be all things.


I have watched many people struggle in real estate and I have also seen some realign based upon their strength are and help grow something magnificent. As a result they are in better moods, have money in their accounts and have a sense of accomplishment. Not everyone will be that #1 realtor. Do you realize the 4,5 and 6th person in to Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and similar companies made a boat load of cash… They were not #1 yet they still did amazingly well.


Learning about yourself is crucial. I have spoken and written on finding your passion / purpose before. There are many parallels to that in that you need to do some soul searching, answer hard questions about yourself and continually improve yourself.


Gary Vaynerchuk says he sucks at 99% of everything so he focuses on the 1% that he is good at and then outworks everyone else. There is something to be said about that. Find your strengths and build off of them. Watch a quick video of his here


There is brilliance in being straight to the point and having a no BS approach. Find and Be Yourself.

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Self Awareness


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