Power Circle – Networking to grow your business

One of the corner stones of my business has always been networking. I talk to lots of people who do BNI and they have had great results. This is important but it is also important to create your own power house – power circle.

What is a power circle?

For those on the More GCI Agent Management Portal, they have seen this concept before since we talk about it in depth. But basically it is other professionals that you can cross network with. Typically for me it was a mortgage person, lawyer and a financial planner. You can add others as well. Just make sure they have a good business mind for networking and referrals.

We would send out letters to our sphere with all of our info on it. Thus reaching their 1st level, our second level. We discussed that in the blog called “What is the perfect closing gift” As a result we were hitting 4-5 times out own sphere.

We would also conduct shared networking events.

We would find something inexpensive that we could do where we would each invite 10 people or couples. This allowed us to have 40-50 people/couples at the event, which is manageable… Any larger it becomes to much. From there we would mingle and collect valuable data. Thus then adding those people to our direct databases.

We would also do two large events per month together and work a room.

Things like charity events, balls, chamber events. Really, whatever was available. Always looking at the demographic of course to ensure that the level of people we desired to work with would be in attendance. We would enter the room and work our way over to each other when we saw them talking with someone. It was inevitable that there was always 5-10 people someone knew plus we would make new connections. So if I saw partners talking with someone I worked my way over and was introduced. I collected their info, gave them mine and then moved on after 5 minutes. They would do the same thing.

At the end of the event I would collect 5-10 cards.

Then I would send a hand written note the very next day. A week later I would call to see if they received the card and ask them to coffee to learn about each other’s business and how we could grow. If it was an individual not someone looking to network, I would talk with them about the market etc… and then add them to the new letters and follow up 2-4 times per year.

Just doing this alone made a huge impact in my business. Anyone can do it…. Yes, it can be uncomfortable but in order to get to the higher level you need to come out of your comfort zone because that is where success is. If you want to continue doing the same level of business you are, then continue doing the same things…

The More GCI Agent Management Portal will help you organize these new prospects and help you nurture them in to referral sources and sales.

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  • Bob Kelly on January 5, 2018

    Great tip. I’ll share your article.

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