How to Grow

I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of people throughout the country.

Some are huge names in the business, other are green. Some run franchises, some run coaching firms. There is one thing that I have notice, the difference between the ones who have made it and those that struggle. Often times this is because of the people around us, our own self worth or socialistic boundaries created during our upbringing.

The ones who have reached high pinnacles not only had a vision, determination and perseverance, they also had a belief in themselves that they were capable of achieving it. It is that very belief that allowed them to remove negative people from their life, remove the people that tell you that you can’t and replace them with people who get the big picture, people who say you can and people who support your venture.

Often times it is the very company we keep that holds us back, perhaps a spouse or partner, a coworker or friend. In a weird way some people get jealous to see other people succeed. Those are not friends… A friend would push you to go after it, help you believe and realize your dream and not judge you when you have set backs.

You can have the best vision in the world, and it is perfectly attainable. But without belief, you will not conquer it.

Think for a moment, if you want to climb Mt. Everest, you first must prepare, fly in to Nepal, take a journey for several days to base camp. While at base camp, do you think there has ever been anyone who said I do not believe I can climb this mountain, and then climbed it? NO…. They all believed they could and they went for it.

Start to believe in yourself today. You are capable of so much more than you think. Start with small victories and then grow. With each victory is a small piece of Belief that will be instilled.

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