Grow – Chapter 4

What is our funnel?

  1. Zbuyer
  2. RedX
  3. Cole Resources
  4. CoreFacts
  5. Credit Repair
  6. Send Out Cards
  7. Home Value Leads
  8. Elevated REM
  9. EZLeadPages

We consider ZBuyer one of our Social Ads Spends per month. RedX for Circle Dialing and Expireds, Cole gives us amazing information which we create lists from that can then be put on FB for a custom audience. CoreFacts is how we do Just listed/sold and stay in touch with past clients. Credit repair opens the doors to a whole new audience. Send Out Cards is for personalized communication and thank you cards. Home Value Leads is for landing page home valuation. Elevated REM for single page web sites and home valuations. EZ Lead Pages offers a great platform to generate buyer leads from.


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