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When you get to busy it is time for help right but often we make a mistake and hire the wrong people. I love My Out Desk. They train their ISA’s and do a great job. There are many VA/ISA’s out there but these guys are tops. They can also help to keep you very […]

Data Sources for Listings

We are always asked the question, where can I get emails or seller info? One of my favorite tools is Cole Realty Resources. The really cool thing is when you get emails, you can create a custom audience list in FB so you can run ads to this list. Think of the power this has. […]

Mailers and Newsletters

Often times we see agents so worried about the front end of sales that they forget the most important piece, and that is staying in touch with past clients. Having a system to send a newsletter is awesome but CoreFacts does so much more. We talk about Just Listed and Just Sold cards, they can […]

Send Out Cards

You may heard about SOC before, but we love SOC. It really is such a cool system. We are able to set people up on custom tailored campaigns, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.  We learned to take a photo from a clients social pages and make a card with it. I have personally done this many […]


One thing I can say is that you need to make calls. Lots and Lots of calls. I have tried most of the dialers and maybe it was timing, maybe it was market conditions, maybe it was the system itself.  One year I put 80,000 GCI in the bank directly from calling on RedX. Give […]

Credit Repair

FES – Financial Education Services is a self service credit repair portal where you can send prospects to repair their credit and you receive a commission. I know…. This sound hokey, but check this out. Half the country has less than perfect credit. That means there is a whole group of people we do not […]