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We all like a good secret LOL. But starting in the business you are going to get hammered from every angle with who has the best, latest and greatest. Believe me over 16 years we have tried almost everything. Here is the list of the items that should looked at first and they have worked […]


Hopefully you picked up a few things that can help. This journey is not easy, but with understanding and patience you can grow and build a wonderful business in real estate. Get ready to read Grow, we start to dig in deeper to the principles to help you grow. It is a little more advanced […]

Chapter 8

The coveted cup of our business, of any business really, is working by referral. In chapter 7 I mention my friend who is a master networker, the referrals he receives is mind boggling. Almost 100% referral based business. But it is not as easy as sending as post card or a newsletter it takes some […]

Chapter 7

If you can perfect the art of Leverage you will succeed. When you remove all low yield activities and replace with profitable high yield activities you win. If you can stay in high yield mode 40 hours per week you make way more than being in low yield mode 40 hours per week.   Start […]

Chapter 6

Always keep it simple. With email, with websites etc. If, and most likely you will, you ever leave your franchise and you have been using the franchise email then all your efforts will be lost. Of course follow policy and state laws, but I never used franchise email or websites. I use my own. When […]

Chapter 5

Do not underestimate this chapter. The stress can be overbearing and drag you down. I am sure you did not get in to this to be stressed and broke. You got in to this for a quality of life and happiness. Learning the axis between what you need and the quality of life you want […]

Chapter 4

Finances illiteracy will put you out of business. You NEED to understand that all that money you make is not yours. Your Gross is not important…. Your Net is… How much you make is equally important as how much you spend. Lots of shiny objects will be presented. But if the top agents are not […]

Chapter 3

UPAD  – Understand, Plan, Action and Discipline. Learn these principles and how they overlay with your management level and technician level. Once you live by these principles you will succeed. You are the boss of you. Clarity is power. The download in chapter 1 and 2 has the It’s Your Business download.  I suggest doing […]

Chapter 2

Money makes the world go around. Have some capital reserves. Do not buy shiny objects or the hundreds of lead services that will call you. Lead with revenue not debt. Strive to have 3-6 months of personal and business bills saved as a buffer. If you did not download the forms from chapter 1, download […]

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