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How to Maintain Balance as a Busy Realtor…

  You need to protect your time or others will not respect it and trample all over it. It is similar to a relationship in that you must set and enforce boundaries. I will tell you from experience that finding balance between being super-agent and normality is very difficult but crucial. Before I get to far […]

What is the perfect closing gift?

Man, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the question or seen the post in some group somewhere. “What should I get my clients for a closing gift?” Truthfully, I get them NOTHING. I know it goes against tradition for many but hear me out. If you are using the More GCI […]

Desire Is Not Enough

What do you desire? Do you desire to double your production? Maybe increase to 250,000 in GCI? You can do it, but the truth is…. Desire is not enough. You must understand what needs to be accomplished. Then you need to Plan to accomplish it. Next you must put the plan in to Action and do what is […]

Having a Breakthrough…

I think most of us have been here, being a prisoner of our own thoughts. I surely know I have. Whether after a bad break up, bad transaction or whatever… Many of us have allowed the “Thing” that happened to trap us in our own mind, sometimes even when self-doubt sets in and we start to […]

Do you need a Mercedes or BMW to sell Real Estate?

The other day I saw a post in one of the FB groups where a person asked “Do I need a nice car to be successful in real estate”. To see all the responses was pretty entertaining. Everything from: “Yes it does”, “It is the final accessory”, “Depends on market”, “No it does not”, “It is […]

“It Pays to be Pleasant”

  During one of our collaboration meetings my co-founder Randy Kime said something in a story that I had to write down because it is so true. Quick back story, his wife was telling a story about how they went to a wedding and after 30 minutes everyone knew Randy and would ask if he […]

Realtor finds feature on mobile phone…. and then makes $100K

There is a really cool feature on mobile phones that realtors seldom use and it is costing them thousands. When an agent uses this feature they will instantly change their business in a positive direction and make more money. So what is this feature?   Every mobile phone accepts incoming calls right. Well, when you […]

Self Awareness

This is such a deep concept. It is not so much about looking good, working out, and speaking properly. It is so much deeper than that. It is also something that cannot truly be taught but rather learned by yourself.   Basically you must learn about yourself and find out what you are good at […]

Everyone gets a trophy in Real Estate….NOT

I know I will ruffle some feathers with this one but that’s cool… I really do not believe that everyone should get a trophy in life just for trying. Maybe a participation medal, but not a trophy. Trophies are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Otherwise it takes away the importance of the trophy for […]

Every Day is the Weekend

In my last blog I talked about making every day your weekend. You can read that article HERE. So what exactly do I mean? I am going to reveal the very secret to my real estate success over the last 15 years. Well, everything we do in our business should be methodical and planned out. I […]

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